The Basics

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The Basics

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:12 pm

What are some 'Common Knowledge' things that any potential gardener needs to know about?

Perhaps a fundamental knowledge of never undestimating the profound impact soil can have on your plants.

Some soils drain fast while others retain water like a sponge. This can have an effect on the plant. For example, a cactus my not thrive in water-retentive soil and a rose may not do well in sandy soil that keeps little or no water.

Then one has to take into account the pH of soil, some plants like acidic but not alkaline, and vice versa. Whereas other plants may not really care or survive at only 7.7 pH---nothing higher or lower.

And finally, the nutrient content of the soil is important too. Too many nitrogen compounds will kill a Venus Flytrap while other plants can't seem to get enough. Most succulents love potassium so it's important to get a soil or fertilizer with the right balance of nutrients for the plant.

Learning about soil quality is just one of many basic concepts that can make or break your pleasant gardening experience. Watering needs and what they really mean, sun exposure and light exposure requirements of plants, and so much more can be so very useful and helpful to the novice as well as the master.

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